Adult Christian Education

Our Christian Education Program is a series of classes offered on Sunday mornings with the objective of helping people understand the Bible and live fully devoted Christian lives.

As those seeking to develop the character of Christ in our lives, we have both an obligation and an opportunity to teach and be taught. If we are to apply knowledge in skillful living, thus practicing wisdom, we must first have a thirst for that knowledge. We have been given the gift of the very Word of God and the church understands that it is necessary that we be immersed in the Word, learning the Word, teaching the Word and applying its precepts to our lives. When tempted by the devil, Jesus was able to fight off his attacker by knowing and quoting the very same Word of God to which we have access (Matt 4: 1-11). Paul refers to the Bible as the Sword of the Spirit (Eph 6: 13-17). In a dangerous world, this sword serves as both an offensive and defensive instrument. We must learn to wield our sword well.

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D-Groups are small groups of people who are striving to grow closer to Christ. They come in various shapes and sizes. We have D-Groups made up of women, some of men, and others that have combination of married and unmarried adults. These groups meet throughout the week. Many of them meet on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings, but you will find others meeting throughout the week. Whether it's a small group, a large group, a group that meets on Sunday, or one that meets on Thursday evening they all share one thing in common. Discipleship. The "D" in D-Group is for discipleship. The journey of becoming like Christ is remarkable, even more so when it is shared with others. Having someone to comfort you, encourage you, laugh with you, cry with you and hold you accountable in your journey is deeply rewarding and life enhancing.

If you want a current list of D-groups...please EMAIL the office.