Student Ministry

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Rushchurch student ministry is designed to help teenagers develop and own their own faith. It is very important to us that these students understand what they believe and why they believe that. We teach Biblical truths, create discipleship opportunities, and create a place where students can find their identity in Christ. We also really like to have fun, go on trips, attend camps and conferences and play crazy games sometimes too.


Collide is our main youth service for students in 7th-12th grade.

It happens Sunday evenings from 6:00-7:30.

Our goal at Collide is to introduce students to who Jesus is and why having a relationship with Him can change their lives. The hope is that students will "collide" with Christ through Biblical teaching and discipleship opportunities. All this happens in a fun, energetic and inviting atmosphere.

Collide is striving to be a place where any student can show up and feel like they belong. No matter where they might be in their faith or even if they don't believe at all. Our hope is that Collide is a safe space where students feel loved and accepted.


This is our Sunday morning class for 7th -12th grade students. We meet during the 11:00am worship service in the student room. This is a time where we have a Bible study and hang out.

Parents, join our Student Ministry Facebook page to stay up to date with all that goes on!

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