What Can I Expect?

WARMTH—At RushChurch we value people.  We believe that God created every individual with great purpose and pleasure.  We strive to treat each person familiar and new with warmth and sincerity.  You can expect to be welcomed warmly. 

TRUTH—God’s word is living and active.  It provides all the wisdom, direction, and hope that we can ever need.  Whether it’s from a humble messenger preaching from the stage or another leading a class/Bible study, you can expect to hear the truth of God’s Word taught in relevant, meaningful, and inspiring ways.  

WORSHIP—When we fall in love, when we are overjoyed, and when our hearts are captured praise and adoration are wired into our very being.  Expressing our love, adoration, and praise to God is important to us.  We strive to incorporate opportunities for worship and praise during each of our Sunday morning worship times.  We strive to worship God in relevant and reverent ways.  During each of our worship times, we set aside time to remember the Lord’s Supper.  Christians of all ages are encouraged to participate in the Lord’s Supper by eating the bread (representing Jesus’ body) and the juice (representing Jesus’ blood) as they are passed.